"Innovation is driving our post-scientific society."

Innovation and Artifiical Intelligence

Watch my talk on AI for Innovation in Austria, held at the Conference of the Int. Society of Professional Innovation Management.

Erich on International Research Collaboration

Watch my introduction to the EU project EPIC on Strengthening Europe's ICT Research and Innovation Cooperation with Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Erich on Future Art and Technology

I was the coordinator of an exciting project studying the role of the Arts in research and technology development. Have a look at the innovation opportunities emerging from art/science interaction. Here is a quick introduction to the underlying FEAT project.

The project also explored the role of poiesis in art and technology. Have a look at this summary presentation on knolwedge construction in art, science, and technology.

Erich on Digitization - Philosophy and Technology (in German)

In 2017, I gave an introductury presentation on digitization, in particular regarding the state of technology and the philosophical discussion.