Computer Scientist. Artificial Intelligence Expert. ICT & Innovation Aficionado. Policy Advisor. Philosopher.

I am a Salzburg-born, Vienna-based philosopher of technology, computer scientist and international technology and innovation consultant specializing in topics of ICT, Artificial Intelligence, digital humanism and innovation. My work often takes me beyond Austria’s borders, and indeed Europe’s, as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States – and these are just a few examples.

In 2001 I founded eutema GmbH, a technology and RTD strategy consultancy which has carried out research and studies in various areas of technology, and created research and innovation strategies for companies, research institutes and the public sector. eutema has been involved with, and often led, an extensive range of research and research management projects – funded from private, national or Horizon 2020 sources. I am a frequent evaluator for RTD projects and RTD policy measures.

I am also a trainer and university lecturer in AI, innovation, and philosophy including Digital Humanism and data ethics. My educational background includes two doctorate degrees – in computer science and philosophy, an MBA in general management, a professional degree in managerial economics, and a Dipl.Ing. in computer science. I was a visiting scholar at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Philosophically, I am intrigued by the complex interplay of technology and human knowledge. Issues and ethical challenges arising from the rapid pace of technological development and how to address them – for example digital disruption and the development of a digital humanism – have inspired my extensive list of publications.

Finally, I am a keynote speaker and moderator available for international conferences, seminars and other events. I am regularly giving keynotes on topics at the interface of computing and ethics such as digital humanism. As a computer scientist, AI expert and philosopher with international ICT policy and project experience, I am also uniquely positioned to provide commentary on news and current events related to research, technological innovation, digitization, and RTD policies among other topics.

A short list of the highlights of my current and also previous activities:


I am the founder and CEO of eutema GmbH, a Vienna-based technology and innovation strategy consultancy. I have more than 15 years of expert-level experience in innovation and research strategy in Austria and the wider EU, and 10 years in the field of AI.

eutema has been involved in more than 20 Horizon 2020 projects, seven of which it coordinated. Examples include:

  • FETFX – Future and Emerging Technologies Effects (EU)
  • EPIC – European-Pacific Partnership for ICT Collaboration (EU, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore)
  • FEAT – Future Emerging Art and Technology (EU)
  • DITOS – Doing it Together Science (EU)

Examples of Austrian projects in which eutema has been involved:


I am a frequent evaluator for RTD projects and RTD policy measures. In the past I have performed evaluations for the following institutions:


  • Dr. techn. (Computer Science), Vienna University of Technology
  • Dr. phil. (Philosophy), University of Vienna
  • Dipl.Ing. (Computer Science), Vienna University of Technology
  • MBA (General Management), Donau Universität Krems
  • Professional degree in Managerial Economics (Diplomierter Wirtschaftstechniker)

Past activities